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Description: If you love playing games on Slot Machines, why not invest in it. Read to know how to shop for Slot Machines and which one best suits you.

Pachinko Slot Machines

If you are looking for any good Slot Machines on sale, Pachislo slot machine are easy to find on sale. Pachislo is to slot machine what Starbucks is to coffee. You can find wide variety of models in bright colours, various cartoon characters, but most Pachislo slot machine features with the same basic features. They include 500 free tokens, dial type, volume control, extra light bulbs, and genuine door and cylinder keys. They come with a whole one year warranty. Some also provides free spare parts, which you usually don’t need by the warranty period.

Buy Pachinko Slot Machines

Slot Machines on sale usually cost around $160 – $ 190, but one can find Pachislo slot machine as low as $50 on sale i.e. you can find Pachislo machine at a wholesale price. Slot Machines including Pachislo Eagle Slot Machine, Slot Machines USA are available on for sale. Try Gotta Mouse for the young girl-at-heart, with an exuberant pink design, sparkling handles and cute mouse animation on the machine and in the game. The chrome will be enjoyed by a motorcycle enthusiast with bright flame design of Blazing Spirit; a few rounds on this machine and the player will feel like he is on the road.

To fit every personality, Slot Machines are available on sale; popular models at Pachislo include machines like Bingo in exuberant blue, Super Cruise, and Savannah Park, which is more expensive than other models at $500, but with its slightly larger size, brighter lights and greater number of tokens, it is certainly worth the extra investment. You can also find Pachislo machines for second hand models, wherever they are on sale. For budget-conscious person, this option is also better. Shipping cost may be very expensive based on where you are residing and from where you are purchasing. It is highly recommended to find the best Pachislo Slot Machine sales close to your residency. You can hire a truck and take it on your own. This will reduce the shipping expense.

When one can get such lovable games of his choice at a highly affordable price, it is best in investing money in it rather than going to places to play games and unnecessarily giving the money to someone else. One can also place the machine in his business area, and make money by others playing games with his machine. These machines being available easily at such affordable prices, and often comes on sale, one can get it easily if desired to have one. What more do you need? Get one according to your personality and budget and have fun all day playing with it or letting other play and you making money.

These Slot Machines often come on sale, so wait for your right and best choice of game. It is worth investing in such game for a lover of such games. Enjoy playing Slot Machines and have fun.

Nishijin Pachinko

Nishijin Pachinko is a particular brand of pachinko machine made by the Japanese manufacturer Nishijin.

Nishijin are one of the largest Pachinko machine manufacturers. (Nishijin, incidentally, is a district in Kyoto, which is well-known for its sophisticated traditional textile products.)

Pachinko Nishiji Slot Machine

Vintage Nishijin pachinko machines

Vintage Nishijin pachinko machines date back to the 1960’s and 70’s. At that time a lot of pachinko machines were sold by the Japanese Pachinko parlors where they were first used and exported to the United States. So despite their Japanese origins there are a fair number of them around in the States.

The vintage machines operate mechanically (gravity powered), except for the lights. Because Japan used a different type of power supply to the US, the importers of machines in the 60s and 70s would usually remove the power supply components from the machines before shipping. This meant that the lights on the game board no longer worked. But since the rest of the machine required no power they were still perfectly playable.

These days vintage Pachinko machines are gaining popularity as collector’s items and you’ll often see them coming up on ebay. You’ll also find parts are available online via ebay or online shops.

You’ll see lots of different models and designs, for instance we’ve seen for sale:

  • Nishijin Deluxe
  • Nishijin Super Deluxe
  • Nishijin Nonrecycler
  • Nishijin Pilfin
  • Nishijin’s Sophia
  • Nishijin 7 & 14 theme
  • Nishijin No More Wars

They are around 33’’ high by 20’’ wide by 4” deep, and need to be positioned vertically at a suitable height for playing. Some companies make cases they can be mounted in if you just want to display them. They should preferably still have the original Japanese labels, and come with a decent amount of the original pachinko balls – though often these are lost.

Vintage Nishijin Pachinko machines generally sell for around $50-$100 on ebay (though you’ll have to pay to transport them as well – and they’re pretty heavy so that could cost quite a bit).

The oldest machines in the best condition are much more valuable. A few older models are said to have fetched anything up to $167,000 US dollars. There are even rumours of one 1975 Nishijin machine selling for £58,000 at a Lloyds auction in the UK. These very valuable machines are very much the exception though.

Restoring Vintage Pachinko Machines

Despite the simplicity of the game, the mechanics and parts within the machine are actually quite complex, and maintenance was a fiddly and time consuming business, so often they were left unserviced and fell into disrepair.  This means that the vintage machines now floating around are very often in need of a great deal of patient attention before they can be played – if indeed they can ever be brought back to a usable state. You may also need to replace the power system for the lights if you wanted them to operate as they originally did.

For an interesting account of one collector’s loving restoration of a vintage Nishijin Pachinko machine take a look at Chronicles of a Pachinko Machine Restoration It’s a detailed and really useful diary of a year long project with some excellent clear pictures and explanations of the process this guy went through.

Modern Nishijin Pachinko Machines

From 1999 a new wave of Nishijin machines went on the market. These modern, digital Pachinko machines are what you find now in parlors around Japan and have color video displays with amazing animated themes, automatic ball reload and automatic push-button ball fire. Like most modern Pachinko machines they generally include a bonus game that is triggered by the balls falling into the correct hopper. This gives you the chance of a big jackpot win. The modern games have names such as Syunkasyuto, Pachimpic, Kikaida vs Hakaida, Jackie Chan, Crazy Monsters and Red Lions. If you’re interested, here’s a site with a long list of models

Nishijin Pachinko Video and PC Games

As an alternative to the actual Pachinko machines you can also buy PC and video games based on Nishijin Pachinko, some dating back to the 1990s. This is a list of the various game names we’ve come across:

  • KSS/Nishijin 1995: Nishijin Pachinko
  • Super Famicom 1996: Nishijin Pachinko Story
  • Super Nintendo : Nishijin Pachinko Monogatari
  • Super Nintendo : Nishijin Pachinko 2 Monogatari
  • Super Nintendo : Nishijin Pachinko 3 Monogatari
  • Nishijin Pachinko Monogatari 2.7z
  • Nishijin Pachinko Monogatari 3.7z
  • Nishijin Pachinko Monogatari.7z
  • PSX games Tengoku EX – Nishijin Pachinko
  • PSX games Nishijin Pachinko Tengoku Vol.1
  • PSX games Nishijin Pachinko Tengoku Vol.2
  • PSX games Nishijin Pachinko Tengoku Vol.3
  • Tettel Kouryaku: Nishijin Pachinko

World Gaming Pachinko Review

World Gaming software includes 2 Pachinko variants; Dragon Spirit Pachinko and Victory Pachinko.

Note that although World Gaming software has this game, we have not been able to find a casino that includes it so far. (There used to be a couple but they seem to have dropped it. If you find one, we’d love to here about it!)

How to play World Gaming Pachinko

Dragon Spirit Pachinko

Victory Pachinko

  • Access the Pachinko games by going to the ‘machine games’ section of the casino.
  • The rules are exactly the same for both games. To begin play you must purchase balls at a cost of $.05, $ .25, $1.00 or $5.00 per ball.
  • To launch the balls into the machine you have to click on the trigger handle in the bottom right of the screen. The longer you hold the mouse button down the further the ball will be launched into the machine.
  • If your ball lands in either of the side pockets you win 7 balls.
  • If a ball lands in the middle pocket you immediately receive 7 balls and the reels will start to spin.
  • If the 3 matching symbols appear in the reels then you will win an additional 50 balls.

Where to Play World Gaming Pachinko:

There are currently no casinos offering World Gaming pachinko. We will update this page if the situation changes.


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Digital Gaming Systems Pachinko Review

Digital Gaming Systems (DGS) software includes a Pachinko game. But we’ve been unable to find any of their casinos which actually have the game as yet. We’ve included some information about it here though in case you do come across a casino with it in.

Game Objective:

DGS Pachinko game

The online game of Pachinko is similar to pinball in that balls are shot onto the playing surface where they haphazardly bounce around and through a network of nails. The object of Pachinko is to have the balls directed into winning pockets, whereby you receive more balls that equate to a prize or a monetary amount. The pachinko player controls the frequency with which the pachinko balls are shot onto the playing surface; from then on it basically becomes a game of chance.

How to play DGS Pachinko

To start playing Pachinko, you must buy a number of balls that are dropped into a loading area. By pressing the “Launch” button, one ball is released. Most of the balls will fall unsuccessfully through the pins to the bottom, but some will fall into special pockets that activate the pachinko slot machine. At this point you are instantly rewarded with a set number of balls. You can launch balls continuously instead of waiting for one to finish before launching the next.

Where to Play Digital Gaming Systems Pachinko:

There are currently no casinos offering DGS pachinko. We will update this page if the situation changes.

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Playtech Pachinko Review

Playtech’s Real Money Pachinko

Playtech introduced their Pachinko game in November 2006. It is gradually filtering into their casinos. The first few got it in late 2006.

Key features of Playtech’s gaming:

  • Playtech casinos bring you top quality graphics, a fantastic selection of games, well-known casino brands and good odds.
  • Playtech’s award winning software comes in download and non-download Flash formats. But note that the Pachinko game is only in the download suite.

 Dolphin Paradise Pachinko

Dolphin Paradise Pachinko

  • Balls cost from 1 cent to $1 each.
  • When the Online Pachinko machine is running, balls are continuously launched at the top and fall down through the obstacles.
  • Players win money for every ball that falls in the catcher.
  • The power dial is used to control the release force of the balls.
  • If a ball falls to the bottom of the machine, you do not win anything.
  • If it falls into the chucker you win four balls.
  • When a ball falls into the chucker, it also triggers a slot game in the middle of the machine where you can win up to 1500 times your bet.

Slot game

    • There are three possible win lines on the reels: vertically down the centre, or diagonally both ways. The top and bottom reels stop first.
    • f they form two identical numbers on a win line (meaning that there is a possibility of a win), the middle number is determined by a mini-game.
    • There are five different mini games including one called Dolphin Race where two dolphins carrying numbers race a shark, and the number of the dolphin that crosses the finish line first is the number that will complete the win line!
    • The other Mini Games (Reel Spin, Pass Circle, the Dive, Attack Numbers and Push Ball) are variations on this where the final number is determined by the Dolphins jumping through hoops, or hitting balls etc.
    • If all three numbers on a win line match, the chute at the bottom of the machine opens to catch all balls. For each of the next 15 balls that are caught by the chute, you win 100 balls. Thus, a mini-game win amounts to 1500 balls.
  • Where to Play Playtech Pachinko Games:

    Please note that the casinos change over time, and it is possible some of these may no longer be operating.

    If you want to know a bit more about any of these casinos, then check out our Pachinko at Playtech Casinos page for more details about each of these of Playtech online casinos listed above.