Digital Gaming Systems Pachinko Review

Digital Gaming Systems (DGS) software includes a Pachinko game. But we’ve been unable to find any of their casinos which actually have the game as yet. We’ve included some information about it here though in case you do come across a casino with it in.

Game Objective:

DGS Pachinko game

The online game of Pachinko is similar to pinball in that balls are shot onto the playing surface where they haphazardly bounce around and through a network of nails. The object of Pachinko is to have the balls directed into winning pockets, whereby you receive more balls that equate to a prize or a monetary amount. The pachinko player controls the frequency with which the pachinko balls are shot onto the playing surface; from then on it basically becomes a game of chance.

How to play DGS Pachinko

To start playing Pachinko, you must buy a number of balls that are dropped into a loading area. By pressing the “Launch” button, one ball is released. Most of the balls will fall unsuccessfully through the pins to the bottom, but some will fall into special pockets that activate the pachinko slot machine. At this point you are instantly rewarded with a set number of balls. You can launch balls continuously instead of waiting for one to finish before launching the next.

Where to Play Digital Gaming Systems Pachinko:

There are currently no casinos offering DGS pachinko. We will update this page if the situation changes.

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