Tokyo-Ga – Pachinko & Mu

Tokyo-Ga – Pachinko & Mu

Scenes from the documentary movie Tokyo-Ga, by Wim Wenders (1985).
Language: english
Subtitles: spanish

Those scenes show two visits to a pachinko parlor somewhere in Tokyo. First we see different people playing pachinko. Even a person that gets a price. Later at night, when the shop is closed, the owner modifies the machines.

The movie is a documentary about the filmmaker Yasujiro Ozu. It also includes several short scenes about live in modern Tokyo, like pachinko, golf in city…

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18 Responses to “Tokyo-Ga – Pachinko & Mu”

  1. They’re a somewhat more involved alternative to a slot machine – all you do on those is pull a lever.

  2. wow i really missed panchinko so much… ive won pachinko many times.. infact i won things from pachinko like pair of watch, a portable blood pressure kits, a portable tv i mean using only for battery.. wow really missed PACHINKO

  3. Where on Netflix? I searched and didn’t get any result under a ‘pachinko’ search.

  4. thanks for sharing ! It’s amazing how sensitive Wenders is to the Japanese psychology !

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