Play Pachinko in Tokyo

Wanting to play Pachinko in Tokyo?

Boozehound asked:
I am in Tokyo and I really want to play Pachinko, but it looks so hard to get going, plus it’s so noisy in there my limited Japanese is not going to be any good. I know the basics, but there are a few of things I want to know.

1. Where do I buy the balls? I don’t want to go around flashing money at the game girls because I know this is considered a little rude in Japan. Is there a specific spot I can buy the balls?
2. I heard I cannot ask how to exchange the balls for money, I must “just know” where to exchange, any help here would be great?
3. Lastly I am here with my wife, can women also play Pachinko, I never see women in there other than the game girls.


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