jMS Pachinko Game

jMS Pachinko Game

This is MiniGame MAPLESTORY of Japanese. Çμ ± of the ³ ç ² of the? æ of the? of? is of the? ç ¼ of the of? is of the? å Anniversary of the ³? of the ã ³ of? of the ã? of? of the ã? of? of the ® ã? ã ¼ of the of? ª ã of the? ã ¼ of the of? of the ã? of? ¹ ã of the of? of ã “of? of ã “of? of? of the ¤ ã? of the ¡ã of? ã of the machine Pachinko

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  1. not to mention jms is the easiest to sign up with and play, all you need is a proxy, and even with a proxy, you’ll want to Disconnect it so you get less lag, so the only pitfall of jms is the ip ban, but there is LOTS of ways around that ;_; lucky asians.

  2. unfortunately, your pachinko balls cannot be reverted to nx… as far as i know… and as for the NP, the mts is REALLY hard to use in jms, for buying, anyway. selling, just make sure its a wanted item (Farming owl masks and dog noses helps) then selling them for the minimum (110/221) people WILL buy, i like nexon japan much more than nexon america, lol. just cause they dont try to update everything in one patch and end up making it over 24 hours long *cough*

  3. with mts you turn items into nx
    nx into silver balls
    silver balls into more silver balls
    silver balls into gachapon
    silver balls into nx
    repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat
    your looking at thousands of nx and rare items

    Nexon Japan seems alot better than Nexon AMerica

  4. Yes indeed, you can trade the balls in for LIMITLESS cash shop items, or theres a gashapon (gachapon) ticket that you can use in the gashapon inside the lounge, for RARE items, like the jakum helmet, and whatnot, but unfortunately, to start playing pachinko, you need to buy balls from the Cash shop with your Nexon points, althought they’re fairly cheap if you buy a pack of 500 (only 100 np)thank god for the mts.

  5. i think it’s some kind pinball/slots game
    you let out the silver balls, and when they go inside this mushroom cup, the slots start to go spining to find three monsters in a row, and when that happens you get more silver balls

    you can trade in those balls for items i think

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