Is Pachislo Illegal in California?

Is Pachislo Illegal in California? and If so, where can i find accurate information about it?

Im looking for information about pachinko slot machine (pachislo) for personal use, but all the site seems to not ship to California. Without getting much information into why. Im looking for creditable answer, not just a simple “Its Prohibited, Not Legal, Illegal” answer. If possible can you point me to the California code, which states its illegal of possession. Since it is for personal entertainment which uses tokens instead of cash.

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  1. Although I would think prosecution for personal possession of a pachinko machine would be pretty chickens**t, it would appear to technically violate California Penal Code section 330.1, which prohibits possession of slot machines, defined as any machine which is operated by the insertion of a coin or token, and that by operation of chance the user may be entitled to receive anything of value. Exceptions are made for vending machines (section 330.5), and movie props (section 330.9).

    There is, however, an exception for antique (over 25 years old) slot machines not operated for gambling purposes (section 330.7). So a pachinko machine which is an antique could lawfully be possessed. I would certainly keep some proof of age around.

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