God, Freewill, and Pachinko?

God, Freewill, and Pachinko?

First of we can set a god and we all know all to you or wouldn ‘t be to god. Without it? L was just “a dude” very powerful, so being? Is, we take this down to an individual man? L think. This person? L believe is the biggest ball game of pachinko. ? l has a weight, shape and size? o. All who decide on c? Mo God wants? L tambi? N look c? Mo is smart? L want? L out. ? A free will? Or! Pachinko is in many of pins which lay off the ball? off. ? obsticals hese represent or options in which the man work?. At the bottom of the whole? His is heaven and hell slots fall? N inside. By creating man and droping some way at some point what end? Always up with the same results as the TERMINATOR? No one slot up in heaven or hell slot. God knows? To create a man in a certain way, and make it? To in certain situations? N, that the result of X always fallen through. I can not see why? God punish? to his creation? n for which an outcome was obviously planned. But God doesn ‘t manage our lives well. Far more most? To finish us? up in hell by est? ndares Christian. Yes? L was all powerful, shouldn ‘? T you? L est? hitting over .300? Their parents fought and ten? An Hitler and Stalin many things that made them the sensation of inatiquet? N in society. Its bad pap? for trying bati? Hitler works so far (probably due to constantly defeat) this? l termin? up being in a coma for a week. If there is God, then? S? L creates monsters. No s? What est? that in the Bible that God created? evil, but also? No tested in prisons. There is a gene defect? Tico makes certain men have 2 chromosomes of Y. And all? there is a great couple? to prisoners who have these 2 Y ‘s que est? in the c? rcel for violent crimes.

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