Does my slot machine reset the odds once I pull the electrical plug?

Does my slot machine reset the odds once I pull the electrical plug?

Type Pachislo machine (from Japan) 1) The disconnetto when not in use because there are lots of light above and we don ‘t use it that often (waste of electricity). Makes the likelihood of this arrangement, so winning. 2) Suggest leave oft above. thanks

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  1. WOW. I don’t know what Gandalf is on, but he’s obviously got only one thing on his mind to be even turn an unnocuous question like this on a gambling forum into some kind of sex innuendo.

    Anyway, a Pachislo is a Japanese style slot machine (literally, no joke, or metaphor for anything else).

    I don’t know the technology behind any kind of slot machines, but I do know computers. And this behavior is very common for devices with memory storage where power is needed to keep it active to store information. Don’t know what kind of memory is in slot machines or pachislos, but typically in computers, this is known as RAM memory–it’s like “temporary memory” where when you turn off the computer, the memory is gone, and sounds like that’s the only type of memory in your your Pachislo.

    So, obviously, if you want to keep the data, then you’re going to have to keep it plugged in. But if it’s not used very often, I would turn it off.

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