Super Sic Bo – Live casino game

Adding a new spin to the classic Sic Bo games, we have created the most immersive gambling experience for players worldwide. The most appealing feature of the game is the setting in which it is created. The vibrant and colorful atmosphere does its best to retain players for a long time, and the interactive experience keeps them engaged. We have created this game to be compatible with the devices of all types – smartphones, desktops, and tablets.

Super Sic Bo

We extend the traditional dice game on our platform to include special treats for the fans around the world in the form of additional multipliers that can significantly improve the wins by one thousand times the original bet. This game is also played just like the traditional game where the outcome is predicted of the three standard dice that are rolled on the table. The players can bet on one or many combinations of results that are displayed on the table where the bet is placed.

Between zero and the many other betting spots, there are random multipliers that are placed by our team to improve the gambling experience for players. Before the dice are shaken in the dice shaker, the player has the chance to bet on any bet spot. The corresponding multiplier for every bet spot is highlighted on the table and according to the result obtained, the payout for the player is calculated. This player-friendly version of Sic Bo is sure to become the favorite of the players across the world because of the extraordinary casino bonuses offered by the game.

Besides the modern version of Sic Bo namely Super Sic Bo, we offer another engaging game by the name of Dragon Tiger. Despite being very easy to play, this game has every element required to keep the players engaged and entertained for a long period. We conduct each round within 25 seconds to keep the thrill of the game alive, and the environment in which the game is designed is exceptionally vibrant to improve the mood of the players. Depending on the outcome of the game, the lights in the environment changed to increase the level of excitement in the users.

Overview of Available Games

Super Sic Bo

Like the classic game of Sic Bo, the Super Sic Bo works on predictions. The players have to guess correctly the outcome of the three dice that will be rolled out on the table for winning. To improve the chances of winning big, this game has an enormous list of choices that can be made to predict the outcome of the numbers on the dice. The random multipliers in the bonus bets will additionally improve the chance of winning for the players on the table. There is a high chance of winning as the bonus bets can be hit in any round of the game.

As shown on the betting table, the players have to place their bets on multiple or one result for predicting the result of the shake. The player only wins when the outcome matches the combination that he had chosen for the bet. Apart from this, there is additional excitement for every player on the table.

In this game created by Evolution Gaming, randomly placed multipliers of different values are applied to different bet spots starting from zero. These random multipliers are placed in every round of the Sic Bo game. The excitement level of the players is taken to a new high because these random multipliers occur exactly before the dice are shaken in the traditional dice shaker of the game. If a player places his bet on a bet spot containing a selected multiplier, if the player wins, he will be getting the payout amount after multiplying the value mentioned at the spot.