Casino Slots – The Most Popular Casino Game Type

Slot games are casino games that are completely based on luck or chance. These games are filled with reels that are crowded with symbols of different kinds. When we consider one round of the game, in this the reels will spin for once and stop. The amount won by the player is calculated based on the new positions where the reels have stopped after spinning. The amount won by the player is usually displayed on the screen once the round is over.

Casino Slots

Not just in some countries, slot games have become popular in every corner of the world where people call it with different names. This popularity is credited to the ease of use and instant gratification that the players get on playing one round of this game. The most common names used for slot machines are Fruit Machines, Video Slots, Fruits, pokies, and online slots among many others. More or less, the meanings of these names are almost the same.

Quick Slots Facts

  • Fruit Machines or Fruites name is commonly found to be in use at the bars of Great Britain where the machines are placed particularly for people who are looking to have some brief fun. These slot games only have symbols of fruits on them.
  • The name for the very first slot machines were One Armed Bandits. The slots machine had an arm on one side, which had to be pulled by the player to begin the game. The reels would spin once they pulled the arm.
  • For every kind of slot machine, the slang used by Australians is Pokies. They use it for referring to the online slots and land-based casinos.
  • Video slots are placed on the video screens. Every slot machine which is played online is in the form of video slots. Even the casinos that are placed in land-based casinos have slowly become casino video slots.

Slots is a game of chance, which is played by people of all ages. The game comes with multiple types of reels that contain different symbols.

It is important to understand the mechanism used for constructing the first kind of slots if we wish to understand the modern-day slot games. In the late 1800s, Charles Fey created the very first slot game machine which the world had seen. The mechanisms of the slot machines used today are majorly similar to the model created by Fey. The name of the first slot machine was kept Liberty Bell by its creator. This was because the highest paying symbol of the slot game was a bell.

Liberty Well Slot

This game of Liberty Well was made with one pay line which was designated as the winning line, five symbols, and three spinning reels that worked individually. The symbols which were used in that game are still commonly observed in the slot machines of today. They were spade, horseshoe, bell, heart, and diamond.

As there was only one winning pay line in this game, the process of playing and winning the game was very easy to understand. All they had to do was get any one symbol on every real to win the jackpot or any amount of prize that was allotted to the symbols.

The One Armed Bandit Slot

The One Armed Bandit model for the slot games was also inspired by the Liberty Bell slot machine, which had the same structure with an arm that had to be pulled for the reels to spin. Every new spin was started in this manner. For many following years, every alternative model of the slot machines worked in this manner.

Playing Slots Games Online

Today, the slot machines have replaced the physical reels with their virtual counterparts. Every stripe of the reel contains multiple symbols in the slot games. The number of symbols crowded in a strip of the reel can also vary from machine to machine. Using this fundamental mechanism of the game, players can strategize their moves and plan the number of ways to win.

The virtual reels in slot machines are very similar to the mechanical reels. The only difference between the two is that in virtual reels, an operator can add an infinite number of reels which would allow the players to win faster. This also increases the number of combinations after getting which the player can win a specific amount of payouts.

The online slot machines used today are made of more complex mechanisms than the initial slot game. Explaining every element of these games is an excruciating task, and the players won’t understand it even after learning for hours. Thus, we have used the model of the very first slot machine, Liberty Bell, to show how the odds in a slot machine are usually calculated. The fundamental structure of calculating the odds are still the same in every casino slot game – online or land-based.

The Liberty Bell had 5 symbols placed on every reel, and there were 3 reels placed in one machine. Thus, mathematically, there will be 125 combinations after getting which the player could win the game. However, the game developers today have the power to add an unlimited number of symbols in every reel. Also, the slot games made today have bonus rounds in between the game and multiple other options like Wild Symbols. They come in 5 reel-format, which exponentially increases the number of winning combinations when compared to the first slot game.

Play Slots Today

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