Sic Bo – Live Casino Game

The three dice game of Sic Bo finds its roots deep in ancient China. Many other names like sai sui, tai sai, hi-lo, or big and small, are used to describe this game. The meaning of the word Sic Bo is dice pair or precious dice. The other words dai sai and sai siu that are used by people mean ‘big small.’ Originally, this game was introduced in the 20th century in the United States in the form of a big carnival game. Over the years, this game became very popular in the American markets. Along with this, in the Macau markets, it has received crazy fame especially recent times. Today, the game has received a wide fan base in the United Kingdom, Philippines, and the United States.

Sic Bo Casino Game Online

Sic Bo is one of the few games that are played in a casino using dice. This game is majorly reliant on chance or luck, as some people call it. Unlike the other casino games that require a strategy to win, this game does not apply that technique. In another game of dice named Craps, it takes some rolls of dice to predict the winning or losing of a player. However, in the game of Sic Bo, the victory or loss of the player is decided right in the single roll of the dice.

A major reason for the popularity of the game online and in land-based casinos is that it is extremely easy to learn. The only basic requirement for playing this game is that the players must understand the available bets and the structure of the Sic Bo table. Once that is done, they can easily enjoy this entertaining game with others.

How to Play Sic Bo?

Three dice are used to play Sic bo. The dealer picks up these dice and places them in a small chest. Until the dealer feels comfortable to reveal the outcome, he shakes the dice in the chest to guarantee transparency properly. The player wins if the combination of the three dice reveals the number on which the player had placed his bet on.

The game of Sic Bo majorly revolves around the gaming table that lists the combinations on which the places are supposed to place their bets on. These tables can change depending on the operator, but the aim of the game remains the same. The players can place their bets on the combinations of dice outcomes available on the table. For winning the game, the players are expected to make use of the mathematical technique of Probability to guess the chances of a certain outcome being rolled.

Bets Available for Players

Another name for Sic Bo is Hi-lo. Just as the other name says, this game offers low bets and high bets for the players. The players can bet on multiple outcomes as they do in the game of dice. Two bets namely small and high are most commonly placed on Sic Bo tables. In the small bet, the player wins if the outcome of the total combination of the dice ranges from 4 to 10, and in a big bet, the sum of the dice must be between 11 to 17. Listed below are the bets which can be placed while playing Sic bo.

Big bet

When a player places a big bet, he expects the outcome of the dice to be collectively less than 17 and over 11. If the number on the upper face of the three dice is the same and the player has placed a big bet, he does not win the game. The probability of winning after betting in this format is 48.6 percent, and the player receives a payout of 1 to 1 value.

Small bet

The player wins his Small bet if the sum of the numbers rolled out on the dice equals a number between 4 and 10. Just as the exception condition of the Big bet, triple numbers are even excluded from the small bets. It gives out a payout of value 1 to 1 and the probability of a player winning this bet is 48.6 percent.

Odd bet

This bet means that the player wants the roll of the dice collectively to form an odd number. Triple numbers are also excluded from this bet, and the player receives a payout of 1 to 1 if he wins. If a player places an odd bet, he has a 48.6 percent chance of winning the game.

Even bet

Excluding triple numbers, the player wins the bet if the dealer rolls out a sum of an even number. Even this bet comes with a 48.6 percent chance of winning for the player and the payout received on winning is 1 to 1 in value.

Particular Triples or All’s

If the player places this bet, he wins if the total of the numbers on the dice is a multiple of three and the number on every dice is the same. As it is a high-risk bet, the player receives a payout of value 150 to 1 or 215 to 1 (which depends on the player’s country) on winning. The probability of the player’s victory if he places this bet is 0.46 percent only.

Particular Doubles

To win this bet, the particular number which the player has bet on, must appear on exactly two dice. The probability of a player’s victory when he bets in this format is 7.41 percent. He receives a payout of any value in between 1a to 1 and 8 to 1 depending on the country he is playing from.

Any Triple

The player has a 2.8 percent chance of winning if he bets on getting three times any number. Usually, the payout received on winning this bet is of the value 30 to 1.

The Total of Three Dice

In this scenario, the player has the freedom of choosing a range of numbers that could make the sum of the three dice that will be rolled. On every betting table, the list of a particular range of numbers will be displayed. The player must receive the sum of the dice in his particular range if he wins the game. As the range of numbers offered for betting depends on the operator, the probability of winning differs in this format.

Start playing the game with this basic knowledge and you’ll be good to go.