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Pachinko is immensely popular in Japan, but basically completely unknown in the rest of the world. We’re talking about pachinko – the game that is a combination of a slot machine and a pinball game. Pachinko is the biggest pleasure for millions of Japanese and there are arcades just for pachinko in every other district in the major cities. In Europe, there are only a few pachinko machines in real casinos and only a few virtual pachinko machines online. However, this game is on the rise all over the world and we would not be surprised if the game appears in digital versions at every other online casino in Europe in the near future.

Today you can play pachinko online at Spin Palace. Spin Palace offers a gaming experience that is as close as you can get to real pachinko. You buy balls and send them out on the playing field in the same way as you would on a real pachinko machine.

The basics of pachinko

A pachinko slot machine can be likened to an upright pinball machine. From the beginning, pachinko games were very similar to pinball games and it was also clearly most common with horizontal game tables. However, a general lack of space in the Japanese gaming halls, together with a desire to bring more and more slot machines into a small area for greater profits for the owners of the gaming halls, meant that the lying games were soon rejected for the standing ones.

In pachinko, the player sends out a steel ball on the playing field and hopes that the balls bounce right on the various obstacles and end up in profitable holes. There are holes that provide instant wins as well as holes that activate reels that work much like a regular slot machine. Regardless of the hole, however, it is always balls you win. The balls are, so to speak, the currency you play with.

How to play pachinko online

Pachinko gameThere are a few different varieties of pachinko online and there may be differences between them. Here we briefly describe how to play pachinko online.

Once you have clicked on the symbol of the game in the lobby and the game has loaded, you should start by buying balls. Normally you can buy at least 50 bullets at once. You must also choose the bet per ball. For example, if you choose to buy 30 balls with a bet of 0.02 euros each, you pay 0.60 euros to start playing.

You shoot one bullet at a time by clicking on a button appropriately labeled Shoot. You have the chance to influence the speed of the ball and by testing yourself, you can try to find a path-winning pace. However, the potential benefit you can gain from this is highly marginal. You do not have to wait for the shot ball to either fall into a hole or disappear from the board. You can shoot all your bullets in a fighting current. You can also click on an auto button that sends out your bullets at a pace of your choice.

The goal is of course to get the ball to end up in one of the winning holes on the court. If you manage to get the ball in one of the holes located at the three reels located in the middle of the board, the reels begin to spin. The symbols on the reels are in the form of lemons, watermelons, bells and other typical slot symbols. You can win up to 50 balls with this slot feature.

Once all the balls have been played, you can choose to collect your winnings or continue playing with the number of balls you collected in the previous game round. So you do not have to buy new balls for each game round (if they do not run out that is!).

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