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Whether you’re looking for roulette games for an old hand or a newbie, we’ve got you covered by offering a comprehensive list of everything that needs to be known to get the best roulette game. Read about the different types and the general rules for playing the game. Once the idea is clear, you can get more information regarding the available games on the website.

Play Lightning Roulette

The Live Roulette is streamed using a multi-camera setup that guarantees an engaging gaming experience. Every spin and every movement of the ball can be closely tracked by the players, just like in a physical casino setup. To open the doors of accessibility, these games are created in a scalable format so that the players can game from any device and any location.

How is Roulette Played?

Players get to choose between automation and live tables with dealers depending on their preferences. In the Autoplay mode, the computers instead of the real dealers will manage the table. However, people who appreciate a live interactive environment can play with a live dealer instead of the autopilot mode. These games are streamed in High Definition quality with a complete view of the table and the other players betting alongside the main player.

The website provides comprehensive statistics to the players for a better understanding of the game. This can be used for creating strategies and deriving the best results out of each spin. Once the game is chosen, the players get an option to save up to 15 bets in advance.

The Goal of Roulette

Winning the maximum possible bets is the primary aim of the player betting on the roulette table. But if we analyze the structure of the game, its essence is found in chance. People globally play the game because of its simplicity – betting on the right number and winning the amount. These bets can be made regarding an odd number, even number, color, a dozen numbers, row of numbers, corner of numbers, or a specific number.

Features of Roulette


The Autoplay button comes to use when a player decides to place the same bet for many following rounds. There are two options to stop the Autoplay mode – by manually clicking on the stop button or by waiting until the selected number of rounds is over.

Lightning Roulette

The Lightning Roulette is unique because of its high graphics and distinguishing presentation. It also features Lucky Number wins with high-payouts in every round. In addition to the attributes of the Live Roulette game like the live dealer, wheel, and the line up of Roulette bets, it boasts an electrifying experience and a world full of chances for the player’s winning.

In every game round, one or more than one Lucky Numbers are struck by Lightning using high graphics. These numbers are randomly given multipliers ranging from 50 times the original bet to 500 times the amount. The new game-show level of environment comes with stunning light and sound effects which are modulated based on the outcome of the game. The non-multiplied straight bets can present a payout of 30:1 value to the player.

Overview of Roulette Games Online

The website houses the best variants of online roulettes available in the market today. To send off a warm and native feeling to international players, there are multiple dealer tables where the dealers speak in the chosen native languages. For prioritizing the VIP players, a special table has been dedicated to the best of premium amenities. To keep the people who like the feel of generic Roulette tables entertained, there is an impressive range of generic tables that carry their own rules for players.