Lightning Dice – Play This Casino Game Today

Dice games have come a long way since the time they were invented. Today, the demand for dice games in land-based casinos has skyrocketed because of their highly entertaining game structure. Just like the other famous table games, the online Lightning Dice is loved by table game players all around the world. It offers multiple flexible betting terms for players of all levels and geographical locations.

Play Lightning Dice Online

The fan base of this stunning game also extends to include the players of the bingo and slot games who love the speed and thrill offered by the game. Once the players learn this highly entertaining and simple dice game, they will come again and again to win money of high value from these games. Even the beginners will find comfort and simplicity in this action-packed game.

Once the game begins, every player has the chance to win random multipliers. These multipliers can go up to the value 1000 times than the original bet placed by the player on the table.

What makes this game unique from others is the electrifying environment which is created on the player’s screen with the help of a gorgeous black and gold Art Decorative combination. It provides a visually immersive experience that affects the mood and satisfaction level of the players on the table. Depending on the outcome of the game, the lights in the environment change to provide a dramatically engaging experience to the players.

Operators can make the most out of these games and the players wouldn’t have to wait in long queues to find a seat at the table. The Lightning Dice game is virtually an open door for the players as it allows a stunningly large number of gamers to bet at once.

Lightning Dice

Presented exclusively for the players who never compromise with the graphics of the game, Lightning Dice is streamed in the best quality for players across the world. This easy-to-learn game is the favorite of many players due to its engaging features that always leaves them wanting for more. The combination of stunning visuals and brilliant game development delivers unrivaled satisfaction to the players who love table games.

In Lightning Dice, three standard types of dice are rolled intelligently and dropped for seeing the outcome. The place where the dice are dropped is called the lightning tower. Once the Game Presenter drops the dice, they tumble down beautifully through the sections in the tower that look like a maze. Right from the moment these dice enter the tower until the time they reach the bottom, the well-placed cameras track their movements in close-up to build the player’s excitement for the outcome.

The players simply bet on the outcome of the three dice which would be seen after they fall down from the top of the tower. They also have a choice of betting on all the available 16 bet spots in one go by choosing the button that reads ‘Bet On All.’ This can significantly improve the chance of winning in a low-risk format.

Lightning Strikes Again

Once the time allotted for betting is over in every particular game round, the players must keep an eye on the betting grid. This is because, at this time, lightning will be striking in between one to several Lightning Numbers randomly. Once this is done, in a flash, every number that has been lighted will suddenly receive random multipliers which could go as high as 1000 times the original number. Players all over the world, thus, get a chance to win big on every round of games in the Lightning Dice.