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Our website has taken the adventure and appealing level of Baccarat games to another level. With improved features and more attention to analytics, the players get to use the best strategies with the help of statistics for winning the games. From the most beginner to the expert professional in the game, everyone will find some enrapturing feature to stay hooked on to the game.

Play Lightning Baccarat Online

The primary aim of the game is to provide the ultimate gaming experience to the online players, so they enjoy more than the physical casino locations and these games serve the purpose. We offer Salon Prive, VIP, Lightning Baccarat, Live Baccarat Squeeze, Speed Baccarat, No Control Baccarat, and Live Baccarat Control Squeeze for players of all types.

Using interactive roads and live betting statistics, players can supersede the other players in the game. We also offer a wide range of choices for configurable and default side bets to add excitement and thrill in the games. Multiple players can place their bets at once on the Live table through the Baccarat Multiplayer feature.

Every gameplay is carefully optimized for players using it from different devices and locations. The players can choose a customized special table for a private experience or join a shared table for increased interaction with other players depending on their choice.

Features of the Game

Pair Side Bets

Along with the default side bets options, we provide the extra choices of Banker and Player Pair. By choosing any of these bets, a player can bet on the first two cards of the banker or player on being a pair. The payout for these bets is 11:1.

Optional Side Bets

The player can enable Banker Bonus, Player Bonus, Perfect Pair Bonus, or the Either Pair bonus from the settings. These settings offer the odds of up to 200:1 for Perfect pairs or two pairs. Additional licensing fees are applicable when a licensee chooses a side bet.

Choice of Roads

The player will be shown the results of the previous rounds if he chooses the Big Road or the Bead Road. The patterns which are derived from the Big Road are displayed on the Small Road, Cockroach Road, and the Big Eye Road. For these roads, the player has the option to zoom in to view the results.

Different Baccarat Games

Multi-Camera Baccarat

Multi-camera Baccarat adds a cinematic experience for the players to enjoy an immersive gaming feel. This option is provided on the dedicated tables of the licensees. Depending on their need, the licensees can choose the number of cameras to be placed on their tables and the angles at which the frame needs to be shot. To keep the gaming experience personalized and fresh, the close-ups of every camera changes its view.

Speed Baccarat

Speed Baccarat offers maximum opportunities for betting with a thrill-packed experience for the players. The cards in this game are dealt face-up and the result time is purposely kept minimum to complete every round in twenty-seven seconds as compared to the forty-eight seconds of a normal game.

Lightning Baccarat

The players get a chance to win multiplied payouts for their winning hand on this table. Around one to five lightning cards are randomly generated on every table and every card has a random multiplier attached which ranges from two times to five times and includes eight times the original betting amount.

No Commission Baccarat

On the Banker’s wins, the player wouldn’t have to pay the 5% commission as said by the rules. But when the Banker scores a 6, this rule is not applicable as the betters, in this case, are paid 0.5 of their originally placed bet.