Dragon Tiger – Casino Game by Evolution Gaming

Presenting a power-packed fun experience for players, we bring the best of the Deal Or No Deal games with live dealers for the players worldwide. The addition of this game completes our package of traditional and modern online casino games which form the staples of casinos around the world. In addition to the unrivaled table games, we bring a whole new set of live games with the introduction of Deal or No Deal. They are entertaining just like the TV game shows and the players get the chance to win big with every round.

Dragon Tiger Casino Game

Bringing the comfort of the live casino entertainment game to the houses of the players, the online Deal or No Deal game is loaded with excellent graphics and sound. Every layer of the game is carefully designed using the latest and the best available structure of the game. Players can enjoy this multi-layered game to win exciting prizes at every round. At once, the game allows, virtually, an unlimited number of players to win multiple prizes depending on their luck and strategy. Players compete vigorously to deal and win the top cash prize which is the ultimate winning value.

How to Play Dragon Tiger

At first, the players are instructed to spin the bank vault containing three reels. This round is made a qualifier round and only the players who make it through this round are allowed to proceed further. The prize money in the top cash prize briefcase is set by 75 times to 500 times with each spin. The players who qualify this round are eligible to enter an additional round for topping up the prize amount. In this round, random multipliers which range from 5 to 50 times are present to increase the winning money in one or some briefcases out of the 16 as per the player’s choice.

Once this round is over, the player is directly taken to the show where a live host continues the game of Deal or No Deal with the winning players. The look of this action-packed entertaining game is exactly like the famous TV show which people from every corner of the world have probably seen and enjoyed. The game is set in an environment with proper light and sound to increase the excitement level of the players as the game progresses. The main objective of the Deal or No Deal game is as simple as it gets. In this game, the player has to guess if the money in the briefcases that are remaining is higher than the offer made by the Banker or not.


The players have to spin the bank vault three-reel wheel to qualify the initial round. In the allotted time, they have to align the gold segments properly. With each spin, the amount in the top prize briefcase is set 75 to 500 times than the original bet placed by the player. To ensure that transparency is maintained throughout the game, the players have the authority to select one of the 16 briefcases as displayed to be the one containing the top cash prize. The clock is continuously ticking after the players have opened the vault door of the bank. They can choose to increase their bet amount by 5 to 50 times by spinning the wheel.

In every phase of the game, the excitement to know the amount inside the briefcase increases. The Banker in every round comes out to offer a certain cash amount in exchange for could be the possibility of the amount existing in the briefcase of the contestant. This is the time when the host asks the major question of the game to the player – “Deal or No Deal?”