Crazy Time – Live Casino Game

Bringing a major revolution in the way of gaming in the industry, the online Crazy Time game will attract thousands of players around the world. It is based on the format of the Dream Catcher game which focuses on a large central wheel. This wheel contains four primary bonus options named as Coin Flip, Pachinko, Crazy Time, and Cash Hunt. Each of these bonus options will directly take the player to the particular round for further playing.

Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming

We have made the game as entertaining as possible for players and the watchers alike. By creating bonuses for every round, the excitement level of the players explodes, and their desire to continue gaming increases because of the wins. Even the slot players will fancy this game as it is normally played for a longer while than a slot round, and it features multiple action-packed features.

Players have the opportunity in each game to add multipliers available in the Top Slot and pair them with the four available bonuses. The gamblers would come back for more and more because the game offers payouts at 25000:1 value, i.e. 25,000 times more than the original bet.

Overview of Available Games

Crazy Time

Crazy Time has a setup that looks like a typical game show. The Top Slot is placed above the money wheel and there are four basic bonuses on the wheel. Players can place bets on multiple numbers like 10, 5, 2, or 1, and the available bonuses on the wheel. To make the casino game more exciting with twists and turns, in two out f the four bonus rounds, the player will get an opportunity to make another decision to win even better prizes.

Main Game Round

The Top Slot and the main Money Wheel always start and run together in the Main Game Round. For a random bet spot, the Top Slot generally generated one multiplier randomly. This number can be a bonus game or a number. A match’’ is created only when the betting pot and the multiplier are horizontally aligned in the Top Slot. The winning multiplier will then be added to the corresponding bet slot. Now either the multiplier will multiply the bet on any number or in a bonus game. This decision depends on the position at which the main wheel stops.

Every player around the table can observe these games, but the dominant player who had placed the bet has the only authority to play.

Cash Hunt Bonus Game

This game comes with a large screen that displays as many as 108 multipliers placed randomly in a shooting gallery. Random symbols cover the multipliers and before the player positions his aim, the symbols are shuffled when the timer of the countdown starts. The player then has to choose the place where they think the largest multiplier is placed. When the time is up, the cannon will shoot at the selected number to show the multiplier. IN this bonus round, every player has the chance to win different multipliers based on their strategy and luck.

Pachinko Bonus Game

This interactive casino game features a large wall of Pachinko along with many physical pegs that can be seen by the player. The live game presenter will drop the puck from his hand and the multiplier in the place where the puck lands will be won by the player. If the puck falls over the Double value, the presenter will again drop the puck after the multipliers placed at the bottom of the wall are doubled. In such situations, the puck can be dropped again and again until the multipliers reach a maximum value of 10000:1.