Craps – The Best Dice Casino Game

Replicating the highly engaging dice play game online, we have brought the best of the industry for the players who love the environment of land-based casinos. The outbursts of cheers that are followed by every outcome of the game, makes the game of Craps a primary attraction for the land-based casinos. The exact thrill and fun of this game will be replicated in the virtual environment that we have created with the live dealers.

Play Craps at an Online Casino

The Craps game that we play today was derived from the dice game called Hazard which was usually played in England. In the middle of the 19th century, the currently played structure of the game started evolving among the crowd of African Americans in the United States. In about 1910, John H. Winn who is said to be the American dice manufacturer created the currently prevalent form of this game. Carrying on such a rich legacy of its roots, the game went on to become the favorite of the players all around the world in the current 21st century.

The streaming quality of this game will be high across multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, or laptops. The easy-to-browse interface will be appealing for users across the globe holding different proficiency levels in the game. Players will get the immersive experience of following every move of the game by tracking the multiple cameras arranged at different angles. The close-ups of every dice roll will create an exceptional level of enthusiasm in the players while keeping them hooked on to the game for a long time. This is sure to bridge the gap that was created between the land-based and virtual gaming channels.

Features of the Game

We have created the Craps Live casino game in an environment of a 1920s underground club. The easy-to-use interface of the game will attract beginners too, who are usually scared of the complicated rules of Craps game. The experts will love the interactive and fast-paced environment of the Craps table, which gives them an opportunity to win an enormous amount of prizes.

In simple terms, in the game of craps, the players bet on the outcome of the roll of two dice. They can also bet on a series of rolls. Traditionally, in a table-based game with dice, the player receives a payout on correctly betting the outcome of the dice. However, the game of craps appears puzzling to a beginner because of the masses of number which are displayed on the betting table. But these online versions of the games are easy to understand by everyone.

In a land-based casino, the player takes the center of the table and rolls the dice after predicting the outcome. To replicate this in the online games, we have designed a mechanical arm to act as the player’s hand. In this way, the dealer is free from the responsibility or liability of rolling the dice for every player. The game will automatically reload the arm with dice when required, and the puck will be instantly placed on the positions as desired by the player.

Just like the speed and strength with which every dice is thrown differs for a player with the passing of every round, the mechanical arm is created in a way that these aspects are exactly replicated for every player on the table. Similarly, the level of social interaction is also balanced by introducing the chat feature for the players on the table. The player can also go against the crowd by choosing the ‘no pass’ option, but the advantages offered by the house and the payout rates are very similar for this choice.

The best strategy to win the Live Craps game is by placing pass line bets. This is especially good for beginners. Once the line bet is placed, the player must maximize his available bets on the odds for winning in the next rounds. By a range of 1.1 percent, the player will receive a house edge with this strategy.

Another strategy applies to players who wish to win with bets like the place to lose and the place. The chances of winning are good when the player places a wager of 6/8 with 0.5 percent of house edge and other similar combinations.

How to Play Craps?

The first step of understanding the game of craps for any player is to identify a Craps table. Talking about the land-based casinos, the oval-shaped table which is surrounded by the most number of players who are constantly cheering the main gamer is the Craps one. This game is in the list of very few table games in any casino where a player is completely responsible for the outcome of the game. In the other games, it is the dealer that does most of the job, but in this game, the player can grab the dice in their hand and roll it according to their wish.

Now the player can bet on several outcomes of the game. The dice which are being rolled could give a number of results, one of which, would be the combination on which the player had placed his bet on. Apart from the main player who is currently playing the game, the others around the table can also bet on the outcome of the dice by placing a bet on the table.

If the main player bets on the Pass Line, they could lose if the result of the roll comes to be a 12, 3, or 2, and they could win if the outcome is either 7 or 11. Apart from these numbers, if any other combination is received, it becomes a point. These bets are announced by placing the chips on the pass line of the table. A series of rolls begins when a point number is rolled out by the shooter rolls. The player is they allowed to roll until he gets the same point number again. But, the player loses if he receives a seven in this process.