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Features of the Game

  • First Five Jackpot Side Bet: Players get a chance to win a Jackpot prize of approximately unlimited value. The excitement of the game increases as the value of the prize increases with the ending of each round until the player wins it all after getting the Royal Flush. For low-risk takers, there is an option for winning lower fixed range prizes for different poker hands.

Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is a unique version of famous Texas Hold’em Poker game with the Jackpot mode enabled. The players in this game always compete against the dealer, and they have the chance to win payouts of value up to 100:1. In this variant of the five-card game of poker, players are never playing against each other as their game is only against the dealer. The beginners can easily enjoy this game as it is played with no complicated rules. There are multiple ways to beat the dealer in this game.

The main objective of this game is to get the best possible combination of 5 cards in one hand to beat the combinations in the dealer’s hand. These five cards are made using the two cards that are dealt with the player and the available five community cards. The player can also win by placing a bonus bet which is optional. They receive a payout only on receiving a pair of Aces or higher in the initial five cards.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker

The player goes head-to-head against the live dealer through this online game. Players could form a five-card poker hand using their two cards and three of the available five community cards on the table. This needs to rank collectively higher than the hand of the dealer.

To start this game, a Blind bet and an Ante bet are placed. Players can also choose the Trips bonus bet which pays them on getting a range of Poker hands regardless of the cards that the dealer has. Players of all types love the Play Bet option available for the poker players. They have the chance of raising three or four times their Ante if they make an early play bet. But if they wait until after the River or Flop, they only get the chance to raise two or one times their Ante. This means that the player can increase their risk and win big money by raising earlier in the game. A player can only raise once in a game.

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

This game has better and improved features than traditional Texas Hold’em Poker game. This Texas Hold’em Bonus poker is based on the format of the traditional multi-player game with certain exceptions. The game is played against the house and the player cannot place any bets after getting the River card.

Players also have an opportunity to win a double bonus. The Five Progressive Jackpot Side Bet and the Bonus Bet offer an exclusive extra opportunity to the player for winning, regardless of the cards received by the dealer. The win rate of the optional bonus round is in 1000:1 proportion.

Omaha Poker

Derived by the Texas Hold’em game, Omaha poker is the type where the dealer deals four private cards to each player. Face up on the board, the dealer places five community cards from which a player can only select three cards for creating his poker hand using his two cards in combination. Using the best gaming strategy, a player can easily win big in an Omaha Poker game.