Black Jack – A World Famous Casino Favourite

Blackjack is famously synonymous with the name ‘Twenty One’ game. The simple rules of this game pair with the thrilling play that gives rise to the possibility of constructing excellent strategies by the players. This most popular game in the gambling industry gives room for the mathematically strong players to win prizes of great value if played well. The only requirement from the player who’s looking to win is to count the cards well and decide the next move. Along with this, even a frequent casually active player has a good chance of winning this game. This increases the appeal of the ever-famous Blackjack game among the players.

Black Jack Casino Game

The roots of this game go as deep as the 18th century. Before becoming famous during the First World War, Blackjack was played during the 1760s under a different name in France. The French called it ‘Vingt-et-Un’ which means twenty-one in their native language. Despite having its roots deep in France, Blackjack has become one of the most common games widely played in the casinos in the United States. No matter how big or small, every American casino is sure to have a table dedicated to Blackjack. This popular home game is played at the casinos with slightly different rules which make the game profitable for the player and the operator alike.

The dealer is the main face of the entire game of Blackjack. The players remain comfortably seated in their place while the dealer does all the job – first shuffling and then dealing the cards to all the players, and managing every bet efficiently. In the online version of Blackjack, we have recreated the exact environment of the live casinos with a live dealer to manage the games.

Pack of Cards

To play Blackjack, we use a pack of 52 cards. But many operators decide to use multiple decks of cards shuffled at once. The most popular version of Blackjack is played using 312 cards or six decks. Along with this, the dealer makes use of a plastic card which is always put at the bottom of the pack to mark the time of reshuffling the cards. The dealer never presents this plastic card to any player. Usually, when four or more decks are used at once, the cards are dealt with by using a shoe. This shoe is a box that permits the dealer to deal one card at a time in a face-down fashion without physically holding no more than one pack.

The Objective of the game is to win against the dealer by making a combination of cards that result in a number which is close to 21. The cards of the player must never go beyond the collective value of 21.

The value of the cards is subject to the hand of the player or the dealer. Usually, the face value of the numbered cards – 2 to 10 – are considered, and depending on the value of the second card in the hand, Aces can be treated as a one or eleven. Any other card in the deck is treated as its pip value.

In the form of chips, every player on the table places his bet in the area designated for it. This is to be done before the game actually begins. The limits for betting differs according to the decision of the operator.

In our online live Blackjack games, the liver dealer is responsible for shuffling the cards. When the cards are properly combined, one of the players is asked by the dealer to cut. Once this is done, the dealer inserts the plastic card to ensure the level to which the cards can be dealt with.

When every player on the table places their bets, they are dealt one card face up in a clockwise fashion by the dealer. The second card is dealt with in the same way. But the dealer’s second card is taken face down. This means that every player gets two face-up cards except the dealer who receives one card with its face down.

Naturals in a Blackjack Game

If the first 2 cards of a player are a ten-card and ace, this combination is called a blackjack or a natural as it makes a total of 21. In this case, the dealer immediately has to give a payout of 1 and half times the original bet placed by the player if he does not have the same combination. But, if the dealer has a blackjack, he will instantly collect the bets of every other player who does not have it. In this scenario, the dealer only looks at his face down card if he has an ace or a ten-card value of the first card.

The player on the leftmost corner begins the game by choosing to Hit i.e. ask another card or Stand i.e. let his hand stay as it is. If the player’s hand goes above 21, it is a Bust and he immediately loses the bet.

Available Games

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Not just one, there are many types of Blackjack available for the players. For the people who love the thrill accompanied with fast games, Speed Blackjack would be the game for them. Along with this the Lightning Blackjack and Infinite Blackjack which come with slightly different rules of playing are very famous among the players. Every game is packed with random multipliers which are extremely lucrative for the players. Depending on their risk appetite, every bettor can enjoy the entertaining features of the game while winning great prizes if they apply their strategies wisely.